The five most important lessons for men in life

From a question I recently answered on Quora:

  1. Life is every moment you’re breathing. Don’t waste your time.You can’t take breaks. Everything you do will have an impact. Even if you don’t do anything, you could have spent that time doing something. Life is limited and life is opportunity. Seize it.
  2. Your family matters. Your close family members will be the people who will come to your help when you need it, no matter what. This is invaluable and you will need it at some point in your life.
  3. Most people don’t really care about you. Accept it. You have to help yourself. You are in charge of yourself. Once you enter adult life, you have to take care of yourself. Life doesn’t give second chances. Nobody will help you.
  4. Achieving a significant goal or becoming good at something will take years. You will need to work hard, get past your comfort zone and stay focused and motivated. You will need discipline in your life.
  5. Take care of your body and your health. This will matter on the long run. Exercise and eat healthy. More than 50% of people die from cancer of heart disease, which can be at least in part prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout your life. I wrote an article on how to start running recently: I want to start running

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Passionate about finance, riding mountain bikes, mathematics, programming, photography, fitness and diet

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